“You sure you want to be here? Aren’t you worried about getting sick?”

“Naw, I don’t get sick very often.” Wrong.

Last weekend I took a little drive southwest to spend a few days at my old stompin grounds, Kanakuk Colorado (soon to be Camp Kivu). There’s something about that place and those people that makes it impossible not to have a good time and feel totally loved. Since I was an old trip guy (the guys in charge of rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting, etc.) I fell in with those young guns. Whether we were washing vans, falling asleep to movies in the barn, setting up parties, or paddling the Pinos everything was a blast. Its pretty rad seeing guys who were campers when I worked there that have grown up and taken on the leadership themselves. Needless to say, they rock.

Unfortunately, the weekend I picked featured the development of a mini pandemic. I arrived on Friday morning, and a few kids had went to the nurse’s station that day with flu-like symptoms. By Sunday night there were 45 kids in quarantine. I left Monday morning, and when I checked back Tuesday the number was up to 62. Despite my sense of invulnerability, I spent Tuesday with some mild misery. Worth it.

Bonus: On my way home Monday I stopped in Ouray to do a little sport climbing with climbing legend Jim Donini. Sweetness!

Double Bonus: Our broseffus Les just came up to join us for a full month! This brings the permanent residents of mancamp – a two bedroom condo – to a total of four.